Senior full-stack Javascript engineer

We are looking for a senior full-stack Javascript engineer to join a growing engineering team that is developing web applications, API integrations, and internal task management and CRM supporting the leading Croatian online agency for comparison and sales of insurance and telecom products. We work in a real remote first setup, but there is a space in Rijeka, Osijek or Zagreb office if you prefer. We support flexible working hours, and agile ceremonies are held in reasonable times.

Little bit more about us and what would you work on

Kompare.hr is currently serving more than 100.000 customers annually. We work with 13 insurance companies and all telecoms. 100+ agents work from home or in our offices in Rijeka, Zagreb and Osijek. Our engineering team of 8 is located all around Croatia, from Istria to Slavonia and Dalmatia – so yes, real work from anywhere, and no, we will not have back-to-office initiatives.

Kompare started in 2012, and it has been bootstrapped until 2022 when substantial investment form Invera Equity partners has been received. With this investment, and with all of the experience, knowledge and market opportunities, we are expecting significant growth in the following years.

Our web is a sales lead generator and direct sales channel. Our sales agents work on an internally developed CRM supported by a state-of-art task management engine. We have direct integrations with 8 insurance companies and a number of public institutions.
Deployment is fully automated across our own infrastructure using CircleCI, AWS, Docker and Kubernetes.


Qualifications & Experience

  • Strong understanding and hands-on experience with ES6/ES7 features and modern JavaScript development practices
  • Strong proficiency in server-side JavaScript development using Node.js
  • In-depth knowledge of NoSQL databases, particularly MongoDB, and experience in integrating them with Node.js applications
  • Experience with React (familiarity with state managers like Redux is a plus)
  • Solid HTML and CSS skills
  • Familiarity with TypeScript
  • Experience with test frameworks for writing unit tests and conducting integration testing.
  • Proficient in version control systems, preferably Git or similar tools, and familiarity with Git workflows.
  • Experience in designing and implementing GraphQL APIs
  • Excellent problem-solving skills and the ability to troubleshoot complex issues in a distributed system.
  • A proven track record of delivering high-quality code on time and meeting project deadlines.
  • Strong communication skills and the ability to collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams.


Your responsibilities

  • designing, developing, and maintaining robust, scalable, and high-performance applications integrated with databases and external services
  • developing services and APIs using Node.js and similar frameworks to handle business logic, data processing, and integrations
  • defining tasks and providing time estimates
  • writing clean, maintainable code and testing it
  • proactively communicating with other team members and project stakeholders
  • conducting code reviews to ensure adherence to coding standards, best practices, and architectural guidelines
  • identifying and implementing optimizations to improve the performance and efficiency of the application, including code refactoring, caching strategies, and query optimization
  • creating and maintaining technical documentation
  • keeping up with technology trends


What do we offer

  • Netto salary: starting from 2.000 EUR
  • Supplementary/ additional health insurance
  • Voluntary pension fund contribution
  • Full remote work – we do have offices in Rijeka, Zagreb and Osijek, and there is space for you if you prefer it
  • Flexible working hours – agile ceremonies to be held in some “normal” times
  • No development tasks on Friday: research and education day
  • Educational/ conference budget
  • MAC, or PC, whatever you prefer


Sounds interesting? Here’s the next step: send the CV and/or all other questions to